Audacious Goal Challenge

A goal so big that scares you, something that you cannot achieve by yourself, you will need a team to achieve it; time and perseverance to prevail; set a date and get moving.


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1 - Learn How to define your Audacious Goal achievement

Scroll down to learn the 7 steps and best practices to define your Audacious Goal achievement.

2 - Submit your Audacious Goal in the form below

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3 - Get a Diploma and a chance to Win

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7 Steps to defining your Audacious Goal

  1. Create a vision
  2. Identify who would benefit
  3. Determine the desired impact of your goal
  4. Set a Date
  5. Raise the bar, multiply your goal by 10X
  6. Raise the bar again by 10X
  7. Write down your goal, submit it, get your diploma and a chance to win

Submit your Audacious Goal

You will get a Diploma and the chance To Win a set of luxury business cards (left).