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Three Ways Drive Influence Will Develop The Leader Within You

Career Acceleration

Learn the career acceleration process we have taught to senior leaders and those identified as high potentials by their companies.

Team Transformation

If your desire is to raise the performance of your team, then signup for our leadership focused workshops. In our workshops we will teach you the proven steps that will enable you to transform your team.

Longterm Growth Creation

Becoming the leader you desire is a process and we will teach you that process.

WHAT DRIVES US - Our Passion for Developing Leaders

Here at Drive Influence we are passionate about helping companies, teams, and individuals unleash their potential because we believe that everyone has the power to influence the world. We accomplish this through cutting edge consulting, coaching, and training that elevates performance.

Elevate Your Leadership Potential with the APEX Mastermind Group

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will propel your leadership skills to new heights? The APEX Mastermind Group is your gateway to unlocking unparalleled leadership potential, whether you're a seasoned senior leader or a visionary entrepreneur.

As a member of APEX, you will be a part of a group of goal-oriented people who support and encourage each other daily. Each APEX group is led by an experienced Drive Influence leadership coach who focuses on helping members step out of their comfort zone so that they can actualize the greatness within themselves.

Envision the impact of refined leadership skills, transformative habits, and a network of visionary collaborators. The moment to redefine your leadership narrative has arrived. Together, let's embark on a journey that reshapes not only your trajectory but also the imprint you leave behind.

Click the link below to secure your spot and commence your journey towards leadership mastery.

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Hacking Your Career (Workshop)

At the 2019 Dallas IABC Spring Conference Melerick Mitchell shared CAREER HACKS that boiled down the career catapulting concepts used by leading corporate executives at the highest levels in top global companies. These HACKS provided attendees; the keys that could help them take their career from slowly sneaking up the corporate ladder to taking the express elevator. He also revealed some leadership HACKS that could put some zing in the performance of their teams.

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Read Kinetic Life to Learn How to Crush Your Goals

Follow the seven essential goal setting steps in Kinetic Life to begin your journey of Unleashing Your Potential.

Written as a parable, Kinetic Life leads you to a life that is bursting with passion, purpose and direction. Each chapter ushers you through the steps and actions required to conquer your own personal roller coaster, and achieve your audacious goals and dreams.

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"Drive Influence was fantastic with their suggestions on ways to improve our pitch. I feel that their coaching enhanced our pitch to really set us apart at the CodeLaunch event hosted by Code Authority where we won best pitch in addition to being an overall winner. Their attention to detail was key in making small yet very effective changes in our presentation. I highly recommend them."

Katie Moore
Co-Founder of Clear2Close

"Drive Influence provided a superb assessment of a highly complex STEM middle school to college pipeline pilot program. Rare to find a team with expertise in technical, pedagogical, strategic, and diversity field all under one hood, Drive Influence Consulting, without question, added horsepower and long view value to our project."

Antonio Farias
Chief Diversity Officer (Past), US Coast Guard Academy

"Drive Influence is a master at bringing teams together using many different tools and his experience in an interactive manner that is both enjoyable and educational. When we first started to meet with Mel we were a divided team that had trust issues and did not understand the big picture. He has helped us mold into a single entity that not only trust each other but looks forward to open discussions where we can exercise our differences in a positive manner. We now respect each other and try our best to help each other be successful."

William Duffy
Division Manager Construction Projects, National Security Technologies, LLC

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