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Are you ready to ascend to new heights of leadership prowess? The APEX Mastermind is your gateway to unlocking your true potential as a senior leader or entrepreneur.


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Greetings, seasoned leaders and visionary entrepreneurs. Imagine a space where leadership development isn't just a theoretical concept—it's a practical, immersive experience that molds you into an unstoppable force of positive change. Welcome to APEX, where we believe that leadership is a journey, not a destination.

The APEX Experience

We believe that the path to leadership mastery is a process that requires intentionality and focus.

Become an APEX member and you will experience the following:

  • Monthly Group Coaching - Theory alone doesn't mold leaders – action does. APEX is not just about absorbing knowledge; it's about applying it in real-time. Through our coaching process, you'll gain practical insights that reshape your leadership approach in profound ways.
  • Connection Beyond Boundaries - In a world where connections are currency, APEX offers you a network of like-minded leaders. Collaborate, brainstorm, and amplify your impact alongside individuals who share your vision and aspirations.
  • Accountability That Empowers - It's easy to set goals; achieving them is the challenge. Within APEX, you'll be held accountable not just by me, but by a community of fellow achievers. Together, we'll ensure that audacious goals become milestones you conquer.
  • Habits That Propel Success - Creating habits is an art, and I've mastered it. As an expert in helping individuals form powerful habits, I'm here to guide you in crafting routines that will not only drive your personal growth but also impact your entire organization.
  • And Much More......
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Your journey towards leadership mastery begins with a membership in the APEX Mastermind Group. We offer both monthly and annual membership options:

APEX Monthly


Top features

  • Monthly Group Coaching Online Session
  • Daily Leadership LIFTs
  • Monthly Leadership Hot Topic 15-Minute Q&A
  • Members ONLY APEX Community Group
  • One Quarterly Masterclass
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APEX Annual


Most Popular

  • Monthly Online Group Coaching Session
  • Annual Strengthscope 360 Leadership Survey Assessment ($327.00 Value)
  • Quarterly 1:1 Leadership Coaching Sessions ($980.00 Value)
  • Daily Leadership LIFTs
  • Members ONLY APEX Community Group
  • One Quarterly Masterclass
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Hi I'm Melerick Mitchell, Your Leadership Coach

With over 17 years of crafting leaders and catalyzing transformations, I'm not just your guide—I'm your partner on this exhilarating journey. APEX is your platform to tap into my extensive experience and expertise, carefully curated to nurture and shape your leadership DNA.

With my extensive experience in leading teams from project concept through completion, I have developed a curriculum for success that enables a wide range of industry professionals to accelerate their corporate performance.

Don't Wait to Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Imagine the influence you could wield with honed leadership skills, impactful habits, and a network of achievers. The time to elevate your leadership journey is now. Let's embark on this path together, shaping not just your future but the legacy you leave.

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