Leadership is the Catalyst to a Successful Career


Elevate Your Leadership Abilities

The APEX Leadership program is focused on developing the essential leadership skills for today’s high potential leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers.

APEX members  learn the skills and techniques used by today’s top leaders to drive change, implement innovation and transform teams.

Join APEX and Elevate Your Career

In APEX you will be trained like a Corporate Athlete

Corporate leaders and top professional athletes have two things in common; a strong desire to win and to be the best in their field.

Top athletes accomplish their goals by:

  • Having a coach who is focused taking their game to the next level
  • Connecting with other top athletes
  • Focusing daily on growing their skills and abilities

What if you had the same support structure as a professional athlete? What type of Corporate Athlete would you become?

Join APEX and experience the same level of support to become the best Corporate Athlete possible.

The APEX Leadership Experience

We believe that Leadership skills, like athletic skills, can and must be developed daily.

Become an APEX member and you will have the opportunity to experience the following:

  • Monthly interactive online group leadership coaching sessions (2 hrs) (note: if you live in the DFW area we will meet face to face)
  • Access to a community of top business leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, and business subject matter experts.
  • Daily LIFT Exercises (Leading with Intent, Focus and Thoughtfulness) designed to help you expand your ability to influence. 
  • Quarterly coaching sessions with a Drive Influence Coach.

Give us 2 hrs/month and you will learn

  • Techniques to lead your team from project conception to launch.
  • Leadership skills used by senior managers to guide, direct and elevate the performance their team.
  • How to course correct when you get off track.
  • How to influence your organization and those around you without being their manager or a senior leader in the organization.
  • Techniques to focus your energy and maximize  results.
  • What to do if you want people to follow your leadership.


Take your leadership skills to the next level and connect with other top influencers in the country.

Join the DFW APEX Peer Group

Our No Questions Asked Money Back 100% Guarantee

Join our APEX Leadership Program, participate in the monthly coaching sessions and daily LIFTS exercises. If you are not delighted with your ability to make consistent progress towards your goals I'll return your last month's membership cost.

Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.


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